de·vo·tion {noun}


profound dedication; consecration.

earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.

an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.

Often, devotions. Ecclesiastical. religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.
Origin: 1150–1200; Middle English devocioun (< Anglo-French ) < Late Latin dēvōtiōn- (stem of dēvōtiō), equivalent to Latin dēvōt(us) (see devote) + -iōn- -ion

Related forms

pre·de·vo·tion, noun
su·per·de·vo·tion, noun
Synonyms 2. zeal, ardor. See love.
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This is what is filling my headspace and penetrating my heart right now.  Tonight, as I was praying over my daughter before bed, I prayed that her desire for the Lord would abound more and more.  My heart was convicted over my own state of desire, or sometimes, lack of.  I am in the middle of a parenting study where the teacher remindes us that we cannot teach what we ourselves do not posses.  Am I possesing profound dedication, earnest attachement, zeal, ardor…because those are the commitments I would like to see in my own life as I pass them on to the generation we are raising.  Life becomes full and feelings waver.  Without dedication and realistic steps that become habit, our humanity will get in the way.  On the days where we do not feel like drawing towards the Lord, we must seek Him out of attachment and dedication.  He will honor that and renew our strength.  He will quench the thirst, even when we do not realize we are dehydrated.  He will bind our wandering hearts to Himself.  I do not know about you, but my heart is frequently wandering.  My heart needs some tight binding.
Colossians 1:9-14
 9 For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, 10 so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, 11 being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, 12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. 13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.
Tonight, I am asking the Lord for a renewed devotion to pursuing my relationship with Him.  I yearn for a love for Him; to be captivated by His beauty.  I have confidence that He will meet me when I seek Him.
I pray you are seeking the Lord too.

Harvest Time

Hands down, fall is my favorite season.  I appreciate other seasons, but the love of fall is deep.  I love cider, cool air, crunchy leaves, fires, and the fresh starts that come with this time of year.  I have always loved new school supplies, especially notebooks.  The design side of me loves the colors.  The wreaths and throw blankets; everything has a layer of coziness.  I have also always loved the fall wardrobe…you can put on your favorite shirts all at once!  It’s not weird when it’s fall, it is just called layering.  You can always wear a scarf and boots are always appropriate!   I told you; it’s my favorite!

My favorite activity of the fall is the pumpkin patch!  We don’t celebrate halloween and we don’t carve the pumpkins, but they are beautiful on the front porch.  My husband laughed at me when he heard me instructing the kids on what pumkins they could choose (I would choose for them).  He thought I was rediculous for wanting specific sizes and colors, but the reason was obvious to me…now, our front porch looks very supportive of the harvest season!  I will add a wreath in November, but I do not like putting everything out at once.  Just like the layers of clothing, decorations have their moment.

A couple of weeks ago, we took a family trip to the pumpkin patch.  If you are local, Mahaffy Ranch is amazing!  Enjoy the pictures!

A Room for a Little Man

I have a cute little boy.  However, I was not looking for a “cute” little boy room.  I had greater expectations.  I wanted quality, and originality.  I wanted a unique feel and longevity.  I liked the green paint we had chosen, but it was falling visually flat.  It needed some depth…enter, the FREE paint from Benjamin Moore that I got simply for telling Pottery Barn that I had moved.  It was not a lot, but enough for….stripes!  Navy blue it was, actually Gentleman’s Grey it was (but it looks dark blue).  I’m so excited with the outcome!

His closet.  The mirror was a garage sale find at my friend Betsey’s house…we decided to do a garage sale together but basically just traded our stuff and maybe sold a little!  The book shelves were Ikea spice racks that I painted.  The toy bin was a clearance item at Fred Meyer.

Bedding is Pottery Barn but the 2 Euro Shams were Ikea.  The brown curtains were clearance at Fred Meyer.  The print says “Rawr means I Love You in Dinosour.” I made it, but I first saw it on Pinterest.

The art for this wall has been pieced together from all over!  I made the alphabet sign.  The airplane is actually a metal one from Home Goods that is hung with fishing wire.  I got the dog picture from Ikea and the small dog picture was a card that I framed.  The verse, from Jones Design Company, is one of my favorite finds for this room.  It is the verse that we put on the beams for this room, before our drywall was finished.  When I found it, I was so excited.  It is the verse we pray over him everyday.  If you have a chance to check out Jones Design Company, she has an amazing blog and shop!  His desk and chair were garage sale!  The top opens up just like the one on Charolette’s Web :-).

When I finish it, I will be back with the wall art for the striped wall!  It includes a huge map and molding.  I’m excited to get it finished.

Master Designer

“I am a Master Designer.

I love Beauty;
I see potential and I want to fill it with beauty.
I aim to create something beautiful that is worthy of joy.

Design is a high calling, one that can improve the lives of others, be a means to foster relationships, and add much joy to my family.

I appreciate fine and lovely things, but they are not my treasures.
I know what is truly important, and
I do not aim to “store up my treasures here on earth.”*

I live to bring glory to God, the Ultimate Master Designer.
He created Beauty.
He created all beautiful things.
And, He created my passion for design, and set that joy in my heart.

Everything that I create,
and have created,
is because I myself was created by a Master.

I am a Master Designer.”

*{verse reference, Matthew 6:19}

From Fieldstone Hill

I am so excited about this blog!  I am taking part in this, because I believe all creativity and beauty is from the Heavenly Father.  I love design and creating things, but I love God more.  Publicly recognizing that He is the author and creator of any talent I have been given is a small way to glorify Him through my blog.

Office Mood Board

Office Mood Board

Office Mood Board

As I plan for our office nook, I made a mood board to visualize the space. I love the architectual interest that the barn wood will bring to the space, while the overall impression will be one of sophistication with the drum shade lighting and oval mirror. I will use the classic, silver, gallery framing for family portraits. I blended a lamp base and shade to find the look I was going for. In design, you do not always get a prepackaged look…it usually looks better when you blend things together. The glass bowl will be for the dried artichokes (if you find realistic looking vase fillers, they are very popular right now). The accent pillow and throw will provide a coziness to the space while the metallic nature of the vase will modernize the accessories. My sources are, Pottery Barn, and Pier 1 Imports. When you shop at several sources, you are more likely to save money!

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Intentionally Pt 2

We had our intentional post about parenting, and now we will think about:

Intentional Design

It seemed appropriate to have a post about design next since that is the other focus of this blog.  More design posts to come this weekend after project time is had with my husband who does the manual labor side of all my ideas.  Yes, I will admit it…I am a designer that is only able to do what I do because I have created a team around myself.  I have lots of ideas, but I don’t use power tools and I don’t sew (don’t judge, I was an uninterested and stubborn girl when my mom offered to teach me…I already feel annoyed enough for not not listening to her).  But, mysteriously, if you see my projects, there are a lot of them that need power tools or sewing.  The mystery is revealed…my husband and a few close friends often put up with my crazy schemes (while often laughing) long enough to help me…I’m a blessed girl!

Now the intentional part…

Choose your layout first.

It is almost impossible to choose pieces for a room without knowing your layout (where everything will go) first.  You will be going into your design blind, and that is a guarenteed recipe for having a cluttered or chaotic space.  It is much easier to be intentional in the selection process when you know your layout.  You will know exactly what you need, where it will go, and the final outcome of your room.  This doesn’t mean you will have everything done right away, but as you enter each stage, it will prevent you from overspending or buying something that will not work.  Choosing your layout will also help you know the feel of the room.  Knowing this will help you decide what you want your pieces to look like.

Make a Mood Board

Once you have decided on your layout and purpose of the room, you will be well advised to make a mood board.  Simply have a paper or virtual document where you keep track of everything you want in your room (actual pictures).  And by everything, I mean everything from the large furniture items to accent items and decorations.  When you have pictures and color or fabric swatches, you can be accurate when you’re shopping.  If you carry a fabric swatch or paint chip with you, you will know if that throw blanket or lamp shade is what you are looking for.  You will match colors accurately and you will know if the accent piece truly flows or if it clashes.  This is especially helpful if you are creating your space over time or finding thrifty alternatives to designer options.

Decide on a Budget

From the smallest DIY project to the biggest remodel project, anything having to do with design has the tendancy to expand and become more expensive.  Before beginning anything, price every single step out.  Decide what is a must and what is a hope.  Go ahead and price out your hopes for the room because we people have a tendancy to go with those options if it’s on our list.  Budgeting is not going to be helpful unless it’s accurate and it is a reality that some projects have to be planned and saved for.

Make it have a Use or Reason

When deciding on an item that will be going somewhere in your home, establish guidelines.  These guidelines will protect you from cluttering your home or saving sentimental junk.  Yes, I said it…sometimes we save pure junk because we have somehow decided it is special.  If this is your known tendancy, purchase a Rubbermaid container and schedule a semi-annual cleanout day with a honest friend.  Go through your items and clean out.  Display, Donate, or Discard.  If there is something that does not need to be displayed but is still special, store it in a Rubbermaid box.  This will cause you to be careful with what you save.  It has to fit and once it’s full, there is no more going in.  This step will help you to not allow your space to be cluttered.  When putting together your rooms everything should be useful or beautiful…if it’s both, that is a huge plus!

Enjoy Your Space

You should enjoy where you live.  If your style or needs change, allow your design to follow.  All your “big” purchases that you spend a lot of money on should be neutral and in durable materials.  Do not buy an expensive couch in your favorite color of the week.  Buy it in durable material that is a neutral color.  If you want color, find it in accent pillows or throw blankets.  If you are going for a big pop, try painting an accent wall (However, my personal design opinion is that your paint should still be neutral colors).  Typically, you can make the biggest statements with fabrics (curtains, pillows, rugs, blankets) or wall design (art pieces, pictures, mirrors).  Furniture, wall color, kitchen fixtures, etc. should all be neutral.  It is easier to change your design when you don’t have great expense invested in the items you’re changing.


Do you have questions or would like advice? Feel free to contact me for a design consultation!



I like being intentional.  That’s not to say I have it perfected, but the idea of doing things on purpose appeals to me.  Transformation is more likely to take place when there is an active parent making the most of time and oportunities that come up.  When I was growing up, we would always tell my mom “I didn’t mean to do _______ (fill in the blank)” and my mom’s response would always be: “then you have to mean not to.”  She is the one who really taught me about making the moment count by only filling your days with things that are of value.  If you are not making an active choice to glorify God and draw closer to Him, then you are moving further away.  Neither the world or relationships in this world stand still.

Now that I’m a mom and I’m getting older, I have been finding that I can only handle so much activity before I hit a wall.  My kids are the same way.  They may not be able to put the overwhelmed feeling into a verbal discription but I can tell.  Usually, being overwhelmed/over stimulated by activity, is shown through their choice of negative behavior.  When I see this, I will usually have a sense from the Holy Spirit to reevaluate how I have been prioritizing our days.  This is hard for me because I like people and I like making people happy.  Knowing this though, I have to be intentional when I schedule things.  If I have a limited number of activities that they can handle, then they better count for our family’s development and spiritual growth.  I never want my kids to feel like we never stopped going long enough to bond.  I never want to put a greater priority on outside relationships so that I miss creating opportunities for my children to know God.  Good and Godly activities that are created by good people can take away from our ability to truly KNOW and HAVE RELATIONSHIP with GOD if we have too much of a good thing.  Please hear me as I am not saying to eliminate everything, but to just be careful as you schedule.

God calls us to make the most of every opportunity because the days are short.  The days are short because our kids grow up and leave, but they are also short because Satan is fighting to destroy us before Christ puts an end to him by returning.  Ephesians 5:15-17 says, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

There are some things to watch for as you try to impliment a more intentional way of life in your home:

Do you have required commitments that are scheduled for every single day?

Is there always noise in your home that may be preventing you from hearing the Lord speak to you?

Is your kids behavior out of control…do they wake up in the morning still tired?

Do you have time for regular family devotions and meals at the table all together?

It is not our job as parents to create spiritual change and or transformation in the life of our child, but it is our job to create an environment where the Lord is able to change and transform hearts (Michelle Anthony, Spiritual Parenting).

Seasons Change and So Do Kids

There are quite a few changes happening in the Kintigh household!  For one, I am actually blogging again during naptime (or, I was when I started this post).  That has not taken place since this past spring!  It took a backseat with finishing up the school year, launching summer ministries, moving again, getting settled again, and trying not to lose my mind while I kept track of the kids.  I had a hard time finding the motivation when I had no time to do new projects and the camera was tucked away in some box with a dead battery!

We had a busy and fulfilling summer season.  Being a children’s pastor makes the summers a busy time for Josh…he was in charge of vacation Bible school and camp, in addition to the regular church activities!  It was fun because Sophie is now old enough to participate in VBS and the “big kid” class at church.  She gets to be with Josh more and we love hearing her interpretation of the activities!  She has really come into her own faith this year with accepting Chirst in April and learning so much at church.  She is learning to love Jesus and is very good at memorizing Scripture.  She started praying before bedtime and it is so precious to hear her innocent faith.  She has a very tender heart and always wants to pray right away when someone is sad or hurt.  She even started praying for obedience and courage…we love watching her put her relationship with Jesus into practice during her daily life; she is starting to really understand that He is always with her!!

We marked a year of being on staff at church with moving from our rental home into our new home!  It was so exciting, design wise, to be able to choose the style of things and what features we wanted.  However, the side of me that likes to control details and have a schedule reared it’s ugly head too many times in the process of completing a new-build!  I’m so glad, as is Josh, that construction is not a part of our daily life!  There are so many variables in building and it was so difficult for me to not sweat the small (or very large) stuff!

Sophie is in pre-k at a private school this year for 3 mornings a week.  We love the environment of the school and her teacher is fabulous!  We loved her teacher from last year and was wishing we could have her again, but God knew what Sophie would need this year and her new teacher is fantastic too!  It’s a small class and we are so appreciative of all the focused attention and guidance that Sophie gets!  She turned 4 in August and we can tell that she is really starting to grow up!  I can’t believe how quickly it happens! She is so much taller after this summer too.  Her latest accomplishments are now pedaling her bike all over the place and swim lessons!

AJ is such a big boy! He turned 2 in May and is just big!  At his appointment, he was in the 89th percentile and I know he grew a lot this summer too!  I feel like his biggest hurdle and accomplishment recently has been verbally.  He would get so frustrated because he could not communicate, but now that the pieces are clicking, he is down-right chatty!  I cherish the mornings we have together when Sophie is at school and I love having him with me while his personality is growing up so much.  He started swim lessons too and it’s been exciting to watch how brave he is.  Our family is very thankful for “Miss Mary” and her teaching skills.

This fall is keeping us busy and I love the change of seasons that is taking place, now that it’s October!  It feels like the air has changed, becoming so fresh and crisp.  It’s time to pick up some pumpkins and apple cider while we enjoy the cozy scarves and dark nights!

I’m looking forward to a girl’s day away with some friends that is scheduled for next Saturday.  As much as I love the family time that we’re looking forward to for this weekend, I am excited for the shopping day without little ones to keep track of!

Beautiful Combinations

We’re on wordpress now!  The family blog and design blog have now combined for a more entertaining read and much simpler way of keeping memories recorded.  Now, I just have to commit to posting what happens!

The idea behind Glass House is knowing that our lives are visible to all who are watching.  Some may just glance us over and some may choose to study and stare a while.  Regardless, our outward actions are supposed to be an outpouring of our inner character and growth in the Lord.  We want you to see what goes on in our lives; it is not always beautiful and proper, however, it is real and usually quite fun!  Or should I say, entertaining!!  This is a place to be transparent with our hearts as we work through our humanity in order to grow towards holiness.  A place of potential.

I expect great things for this little blog because I expect great things for the little family it features.  Why? Because the God who created us is ultimately great and He produces beauty.  He produces transformation.  He produces results that glorify His name!

This blog will be about family and faith.  It will be about life and the desire we each have to trust our Heavenly Father…whether you realize it or not! And finally it will be about fabulous design! I am a mommy and pastor’s wife.  I have a lot of time that is consumed by carpool, laundry, or meetings.  But, I also love beautiful things.  I love designing and helping others fall in love with their space.  I get excited about all things home and organization…especially, if it pertains to pillows or curtains.

So.  Pour yourself a warm drink in your favorite mug and stay a while.  You can pretend we’re good friends just spending some time together.  I hope you are able to laugh or cry as you relate to our life.  I hope you are entertained and encouraged as you read.  I hope you enjoy the beauty of design and desire to tackle the next project.  But mostly I hope you are drawn to God and a desire to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Welcome to the Glass House.   I’ll do my best to keep the windows clean and the space organized so you can enjoy your visit and you want to return often!