Beautiful Combinations

We’re on wordpress now!  The family blog and design blog have now combined for a more entertaining read and much simpler way of keeping memories recorded.  Now, I just have to commit to posting what happens!

The idea behind Glass House is knowing that our lives are visible to all who are watching.  Some may just glance us over and some may choose to study and stare a while.  Regardless, our outward actions are supposed to be an outpouring of our inner character and growth in the Lord.  We want you to see what goes on in our lives; it is not always beautiful and proper, however, it is real and usually quite fun!  Or should I say, entertaining!!  This is a place to be transparent with our hearts as we work through our humanity in order to grow towards holiness.  A place of potential.

I expect great things for this little blog because I expect great things for the little family it features.  Why? Because the God who created us is ultimately great and He produces beauty.  He produces transformation.  He produces results that glorify His name!

This blog will be about family and faith.  It will be about life and the desire we each have to trust our Heavenly Father…whether you realize it or not! And finally it will be about fabulous design! I am a mommy and pastor’s wife.  I have a lot of time that is consumed by carpool, laundry, or meetings.  But, I also love beautiful things.  I love designing and helping others fall in love with their space.  I get excited about all things home and organization…especially, if it pertains to pillows or curtains.

So.  Pour yourself a warm drink in your favorite mug and stay a while.  You can pretend we’re good friends just spending some time together.  I hope you are able to laugh or cry as you relate to our life.  I hope you are entertained and encouraged as you read.  I hope you enjoy the beauty of design and desire to tackle the next project.  But mostly I hope you are drawn to God and a desire to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Welcome to the Glass House.   I’ll do my best to keep the windows clean and the space organized so you can enjoy your visit and you want to return often!


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