Seasons Change and So Do Kids

There are quite a few changes happening in the Kintigh household!  For one, I am actually blogging again during naptime (or, I was when I started this post).  That has not taken place since this past spring!  It took a backseat with finishing up the school year, launching summer ministries, moving again, getting settled again, and trying not to lose my mind while I kept track of the kids.  I had a hard time finding the motivation when I had no time to do new projects and the camera was tucked away in some box with a dead battery!

We had a busy and fulfilling summer season.  Being a children’s pastor makes the summers a busy time for Josh…he was in charge of vacation Bible school and camp, in addition to the regular church activities!  It was fun because Sophie is now old enough to participate in VBS and the “big kid” class at church.  She gets to be with Josh more and we love hearing her interpretation of the activities!  She has really come into her own faith this year with accepting Chirst in April and learning so much at church.  She is learning to love Jesus and is very good at memorizing Scripture.  She started praying before bedtime and it is so precious to hear her innocent faith.  She has a very tender heart and always wants to pray right away when someone is sad or hurt.  She even started praying for obedience and courage…we love watching her put her relationship with Jesus into practice during her daily life; she is starting to really understand that He is always with her!!

We marked a year of being on staff at church with moving from our rental home into our new home!  It was so exciting, design wise, to be able to choose the style of things and what features we wanted.  However, the side of me that likes to control details and have a schedule reared it’s ugly head too many times in the process of completing a new-build!  I’m so glad, as is Josh, that construction is not a part of our daily life!  There are so many variables in building and it was so difficult for me to not sweat the small (or very large) stuff!

Sophie is in pre-k at a private school this year for 3 mornings a week.  We love the environment of the school and her teacher is fabulous!  We loved her teacher from last year and was wishing we could have her again, but God knew what Sophie would need this year and her new teacher is fantastic too!  It’s a small class and we are so appreciative of all the focused attention and guidance that Sophie gets!  She turned 4 in August and we can tell that she is really starting to grow up!  I can’t believe how quickly it happens! She is so much taller after this summer too.  Her latest accomplishments are now pedaling her bike all over the place and swim lessons!

AJ is such a big boy! He turned 2 in May and is just big!  At his appointment, he was in the 89th percentile and I know he grew a lot this summer too!  I feel like his biggest hurdle and accomplishment recently has been verbally.  He would get so frustrated because he could not communicate, but now that the pieces are clicking, he is down-right chatty!  I cherish the mornings we have together when Sophie is at school and I love having him with me while his personality is growing up so much.  He started swim lessons too and it’s been exciting to watch how brave he is.  Our family is very thankful for “Miss Mary” and her teaching skills.

This fall is keeping us busy and I love the change of seasons that is taking place, now that it’s October!  It feels like the air has changed, becoming so fresh and crisp.  It’s time to pick up some pumpkins and apple cider while we enjoy the cozy scarves and dark nights!

I’m looking forward to a girl’s day away with some friends that is scheduled for next Saturday.  As much as I love the family time that we’re looking forward to for this weekend, I am excited for the shopping day without little ones to keep track of!


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