A Wordless Wednesday Post…that has words (because that’s who I am and it’s my blog)

{I just found these pictures from the zoo this past summer.}

Love summer.

Love aviator sunglasses.

Love little boys in sleeveless shirts.

Love this picture of me and my boy…even though I still remember the pain that was breaking through my back, because my boy really should never again be in a backpack.

Love that we have this picture of 3 generations. And inwardly, intensely hoping that I can be 1/2 the mom to my kids as my mom is to me.  She is amazing and the Lord consistently uses her in my life.  I am so thankful for her and her comittment to the Lord and family.

Love my Dad.  So thankful for the man he is.  He taught me what a Godly man is and how a man loves his family.  He showed me what it means to walk faithfully with God.  He believes in me.  He always takes care of his family.  And, now he gets to show all of this to grandchildren!! We are so blessed.  I could not think of a better Poppy in the whole world!  He was so patiently listening, while Sophie asked a million questions and “explained the world” to her Poppy!

This picture makes me laugh.  My brother in law actually volunteered to take a turn with the “Giant” in the backpack.  We should have had a picture of Callie, my niece, in the backpack…because she was the right size! But, of course, she was willing to walk! Ha! I’m not sure Dave knew what he was getting into!  Such a good man.  AJ, of course, loved it!

I am so glad that the holidays are here.  More time together.  More family.  Design/Home pictures and Christmas letter coming soon!!


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