Lessons Learned from a Day in the Bathroom

This is an honest post.  A true reflection of the kind of day we lead…maybe too honest for you, especially if you do not have children.  With that said, I will now continue.  For our memories and maybe to encourage another mom.  I feel there is value in remembering “these days,” in all of their glory and grief.

We’re on day 4.  Of being in the bathroom.  Of having our day centered around 15-20 minute increments.  Of having my focus consumed by the desire for dry underpants.  Yes, it is true…we are potty training.  A boy.  This is important to note, because I have also potty trained a little girl…and it just was not like this!  This is a whole new journey.  The following are my reflections…

1.  When a little boy has to go potty, one toilet in your home (out of three) suddenly becomes the favorite.  The only one that will work.  And it is usually the toilet that you are the furthest from.  Run mom.  Run fast with your naked little boy.  This is actually not about potty training, apparently, it is about seeing how many times you can run upstairs in a day!  Take that, “Minute to Win It!”

2.  Going to the bathroom at night, when the bathroom light is “too bright,” is no longer safe.  It has actually become a dangerous sport for the strong of heart.  The consequences could be great.

3.  Having a quiet little boy is no longer peaceful.  It produces a frantic need to find him.  Find him now.  ANYTHING could be taking place…and finding him on your bed all snuggled in, is no longer cute.  It is nerve-wracking!

4.  Before this, you never knew that a day would come when you would clean your bathroom multiple times a day…including the walls.

5.  You never could concieve (or did you try) to know the depth of your son’s imagination and how many positions are actually possible to sit on a toilet without falling…most of the time.

6.  You also never concieved the actual velocity or span to which potty can travel out of the toilet, when a little boy is in control.  Watch out!  Some things are better not to know.

7.  You start deciding that a social calendar is scheduled, not on who you would like to see or what you would like to do, but rather on where the bathrooms are and how solid your friendship is…in case an accident (or a stubborn choice of the will) should take place.

8.  Refering to observation #7…you will know the difference, not to worry.  And yes, a little boy does have it in their power to decide when and where they will go to the bathroom.  Just know that now, it will save you a lot of grief.  Be careful how you proceed.  If they decide it is a battle, they will win…because there is no way you can make them go.

9.  It is helpful when your little boy says he needs to go to the bathroom.  It is frustrating when he says it in the car.  It is disapointing when he says it in a whisper tone…you never knew that little boy could whisper, did you?!

10.  If you are being honest with yourself, it is both funny and cute when your little boy runs out of the bathroom to tell you he’s gone potty…and he’s completely naked.  It is no longer funny or cute, if you have just opened your front door to accept a package from the UPS man.  True Story.

Good luck on your journey.  There will be such a sense of accomplishment when you have accomplished this milestone.  It is not just about going to the bathroom in the toilet, although that is important.  It is also about your little boy becoming a big boy!  It is about the two of you bonding through this season of life.  It is about you learning what tools help your little boy to succeed.

Everyone will go at a different rate, litterally.  It will happen, and when your little boy is all grown up…you may even miss this season of life.  There really is nothing cuter than a little boy running in his newly earned “big boy” undies!

{I’m sure we’ll be back with more reflections.  I have chosen not to post any pictures in this post, as to not unnecessarily embarress the innocent}


May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Christmas 2011

This Christmas, we have been in Coos Bay a little over a year and are so grateful for God’s hand in our lives.  His sovereignty is our security, His faithfulness is comforting, His provision is constant, and His love sustains us.  We pray that this letter reaches you doing well and enjoying the Christmas season with those you love!

Josh is enjoying his position at church as the Children’s pastor very much.  The harvest of ministry is plentiful and the workers are very faithful and great to work with!  We are blessed to interact with lots of kids and families!  The program has grown so much that Josh is starting a Thursday night program in addition to Wednesday night AWANA!  He is in charge of the weekly programs for birth-6th grade and a family conference is also in the works for the New Year!  He is really enjoying this season of ministry.  I am so thankful for God leading Josh to this position and using all of his previous experiences to equip him for right now!  Josh still loves disc golf and getting outside, but usually spends his time off with his “little helpers” that are always so excited for him to be home!

I spend most of my time taking care of Sophie and AJ but I have also really enjoyed starting a mom’s group at church, coordinating church weddings, and pursuing my interior design jobs too!  I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me to speak for Him and His glory, even while hosting play dates and decorating people’s homes.  I have been able to enjoy running more consistently this year with a great friend who lives just down the street! I am sure I have stayed consistent because I enjoy her friendship so much! God is teaching me so much right now and I am so glad He does not give up!  Between ministry at church and family, there is always a way to draw closer to Him.  The shower and the car have become great places to pray!

Sophie turned 4 in August, and loves everything related to people and projects!  When she wakes up in the morning, we usually hear “What will we do today?” as the first thing out of her mouth. She loves building relationships and is always quick to say hello and hug her friends; we are proud of her as we watch her work to include everybody!  Sophie is constantly having pretend parties at home, even when her friends are not actually over to play!  She is in her second year at Kingsview Christian School and we are so thankful for how God is using her teachers to help her grow!  Sophie loves learning and will ask for homework even when she already has papers to do in her folder!  She asked Jesus into her heart on Good Friday and we are so grateful for how she is learning to love Jesus.  Josh and I love the growth we have seen this year, transforming our toddler into quite the young lady who is learning to possess godly character.  We have such good conversations and Sophie asks great questions; she is a very deep thinker.  Sometimes I have to tell her I will answer the question later…after I have had time to pray and research a little!  Right now, in addition to her school three times a week, Sophie also is involved with AWANAS and swim lessons.  She even learned to jump in the pool and put her head under water all by herself a few weeks ago.  She will be 5 this next year and we are so excited to see how God continues to mold HIS daughter.  Our favorite part of Sophie’s growth from this year is her desire to pray and talk to Jesus about everything; she is quick to remind us that we should pray no matter what is happening!

Aaron (AJ) turned 2 in May, and loves everything related to just about anything, especially loud toys and animals!  If an activity is played outside, it is even better.  He is our early riser and is ready to go as soon as we respond to his calling!  We have had a lot of growing both physically and emotionally with our little boy this year.  There have been times of frustration and tearful prayers for his behavior and obedience; God has been so faithful to us as we continually commit both of our children to Him.  God works in their lives and also uses them to work in our lives as their parents!  AJ enjoys having time with Mommy while Sophie is at school; we will often play at home, spend time with his friends, or go to the library.  We spent a whole hour there recently; for AJ, that is a big milestone! We were so proud of him for learning to listen and play quietly for that long!  His verbal skills are growing dramatically and we love hearing him talk or explain things to us.  Sophie is definitely his supporter and always champions him, when it comes to saying new words or learning an activity (in all honesty, they are often partners in crime too!).  AJ loves his big sister, sometimes to annoyance, and loves to participate in her plans!  He has a great smile and a deep laugh that is very contagious!  He enjoys going to his Sunday school class and always loves seeing his teachers.  We are very thankful for those who love our little boy every week!  He is learning to swim in the same class as Sophie, but would often prefer to ride on Miss Mary’s back the whole lesson…he can be very convincing and often gets away his little schemes!  Our favorite part of AJ’s growth from this year is his learning to follow instruction and be a little boy who is a blessing to be around!

We miss each and every one of you.  I wish we could hand deliver these cards and have a chance to give you a hug and visit in person.  Thank you for being so dear to us and for your friendship over the years.  We hope to hear your stories of this year, to celebrate your victories or to pray for your “valleys,” knowing that we serve a great God who has brought you through to this point.

Have a very merry Christmas and in this New Year we pray, “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26


The Kintigh Family

{Josh, Anna, Sophie, and Aaron}


Flashback Friday

{This was a post from exactly a year ago!  Wow, how time changes; they have grown so much…}

Sophie told AJ she was leaving for school this morning, but “she would come back to him super soon!” I love that they are learning to be friends; they love each other so much! AJ waved and then ran up and gave her big hugs. The kept hugging and giggling. I’m so thankful for our kids.