Lessons Learned from a Day in the Bathroom

This is an honest post.  A true reflection of the kind of day we lead…maybe too honest for you, especially if you do not have children.  With that said, I will now continue.  For our memories and maybe to encourage another mom.  I feel there is value in remembering “these days,” in all of their glory and grief.

We’re on day 4.  Of being in the bathroom.  Of having our day centered around 15-20 minute increments.  Of having my focus consumed by the desire for dry underpants.  Yes, it is true…we are potty training.  A boy.  This is important to note, because I have also potty trained a little girl…and it just was not like this!  This is a whole new journey.  The following are my reflections…

1.  When a little boy has to go potty, one toilet in your home (out of three) suddenly becomes the favorite.  The only one that will work.  And it is usually the toilet that you are the furthest from.  Run mom.  Run fast with your naked little boy.  This is actually not about potty training, apparently, it is about seeing how many times you can run upstairs in a day!  Take that, “Minute to Win It!”

2.  Going to the bathroom at night, when the bathroom light is “too bright,” is no longer safe.  It has actually become a dangerous sport for the strong of heart.  The consequences could be great.

3.  Having a quiet little boy is no longer peaceful.  It produces a frantic need to find him.  Find him now.  ANYTHING could be taking place…and finding him on your bed all snuggled in, is no longer cute.  It is nerve-wracking!

4.  Before this, you never knew that a day would come when you would clean your bathroom multiple times a day…including the walls.

5.  You never could concieve (or did you try) to know the depth of your son’s imagination and how many positions are actually possible to sit on a toilet without falling…most of the time.

6.  You also never concieved the actual velocity or span to which potty can travel out of the toilet, when a little boy is in control.  Watch out!  Some things are better not to know.

7.  You start deciding that a social calendar is scheduled, not on who you would like to see or what you would like to do, but rather on where the bathrooms are and how solid your friendship is…in case an accident (or a stubborn choice of the will) should take place.

8.  Refering to observation #7…you will know the difference, not to worry.  And yes, a little boy does have it in their power to decide when and where they will go to the bathroom.  Just know that now, it will save you a lot of grief.  Be careful how you proceed.  If they decide it is a battle, they will win…because there is no way you can make them go.

9.  It is helpful when your little boy says he needs to go to the bathroom.  It is frustrating when he says it in the car.  It is disapointing when he says it in a whisper tone…you never knew that little boy could whisper, did you?!

10.  If you are being honest with yourself, it is both funny and cute when your little boy runs out of the bathroom to tell you he’s gone potty…and he’s completely naked.  It is no longer funny or cute, if you have just opened your front door to accept a package from the UPS man.  True Story.

Good luck on your journey.  There will be such a sense of accomplishment when you have accomplished this milestone.  It is not just about going to the bathroom in the toilet, although that is important.  It is also about your little boy becoming a big boy!  It is about the two of you bonding through this season of life.  It is about you learning what tools help your little boy to succeed.

Everyone will go at a different rate, litterally.  It will happen, and when your little boy is all grown up…you may even miss this season of life.  There really is nothing cuter than a little boy running in his newly earned “big boy” undies!

{I’m sure we’ll be back with more reflections.  I have chosen not to post any pictures in this post, as to not unnecessarily embarress the innocent}


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