Hello Sunshine:  You are a welcome surprise.  The rain was getting old and it does nothing for my hair.  It was mostly a problem when I had to get kids out of the car and when those kids wanted to play at the park.  Please stay a while; I promise to appreciate you.

Goodbye Baby:  I went to a baby shower last night and it was very enjoyable.  I loved seeing the little outfits, especially knowing I purchase big outfits now.  Love sharing the new mommy’s joy; love that I am saying goodbye to the “baby season” in my family.

Welcome Busy:  You came fast and by surprise.  I do not see a day on my calendar that does not hold a lot of life!  I did not think young kids were this popular to have their own schedules and therefore creating mine.  I am at home now and will not be for the rest of the day.  So welcome.  It looks like we will become quite close.

Stay Active:  I am through the first week of my workout routine.  I have stayed consistent.  I am actually looking forward to the one hour a day.  I am hopeful to see results soon.  I am learning to love the feeling of hard work, sore muscles, and hot showers.

Crayola:  You are not in fact washable.  There. I said what every other mom is thinking.  When my child colors all over his own face…he is still blue after scrubbing.  I hold you responsible for those empty promises.  Don’t judge the fact that somehow he colored his own skin under my supervision.  The kid is ninja fast.

Small Hands: That are often sticky.  You fit in mine perfectly and I love it when you fit in mine willingly.  Especially when your owner looks up at me and smiles.

Mirror:  When I pass by little man’s room and he’s looking in you; I giggle.  It may be the way you show him his growing muscles or the way you reflect his face as he makes dinasour noises.  Either way.  Thank you for keeping it real.

Swimsuits:  We have always had a patchy relationship.  But you make my little lady look adorable.  Love your bright colors and how she loves wearing you all. day. long…even if I have to turn the fire place on so she’s not cold.  Love that you somehow inpire her imagination.  She feels like she can conquer the world.  And I love that she feels pretty.  I hope that she never knows different.

Fenced Backyard:  You’re my favorite.  Enough said.

Laundry:  You must think I like you, because you’re everywhere.  Just for the record, I don’t.  You are still everywhere because I try to pretend I do not know you.

Handsome Man:  I saw you checking me out this morning.  I may not have called you out but it still gave me butterflies in my stomach.  You have that way.  And when you told me that you were having a hard time falling asleep when I wasn’t there…you made my day.  Let’s flirt in the kitchen more often.

Today:  You are the day the LORD created.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.


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