Right Now


Honda Odyssey:  I am so glad that you have spots for so many people and that you hold so many carseats safely.  Not because those spots will ever be all filled with all of my kids.  For that, I only need a small sedan.  But my kids have friends.  And the government keeps changing the rules, so I will need a car that holds carseats for the rest. of. my. life…

Animal Crackers:  No thank you for having resealable bags.  That makes me guilty when the bag is empty before it has time to be resealed.  I can’t handle the pressure.  If you would have bags that automatically stayed open, I would feel like I was doing a public service to eat the bag and prevent any from becoming stale.

Side Table:  You came into my living room before I was ready… thanks to the husband wanting you out of his garage.  You really need another coat of paint.  Right now you look like a second-hand piece…rather than something I paid good money for at a real store and had high hopes for.  Watch out if you feel sunshine.  The spray paint is waiting.

Little boy:  Thank you for staying right beside me at the aquarium.  I was doubtful that you would ever start to grow up.  You blessed my mommy heart and reassured me that I am doing something right. 

Gas:  Seriously?!  Once I get where I am going, I have no money left.

Jesus:  I need you every moment of every day.  Thank you for dying on the cross for me.  Thank you for never leaving me.  Thank you for faithful forgiveness.

Heaven:  So glad this world is not our home.  It is downright painful right now and I don’t want this to be all there is…that would be scary.  I am so glad that God made you and I am so glad I get to spend eternity with HIM.

Daddy:  I am still your little girl.  You will always be my hero.  I am so glad you taught me truth and to do what is right, even when it hurts.  I am so proud of you.  Thank you for walking worthy of the gospel.  Thank you for creating a Godly legacy. 

Momma:  You amaze me.  Your strength inspires me.  Your love for God teaches me.  Your sacrifice humbles me.  Your commitment to family encourages me to keep strong.

Insanity:  I have not worked out in a little over a solid week.  Although I originally had a good reason…part of me wants to not go back.  It feels good when I am in the routine.  But chocolate and pizza feel good too.  Why can’t I have the work-out results without the work?!

Rain:  You flood my yard.  You do not tan my legs.  You make it gross to be outside.  You help plants to grow.  (In case you didn’t notice, your “cons” win)

Mr. Kintigh: Thank you for holding me while I cried this week.  Thank you for teaching our son to talk to me with respect.  Right now you are snuggling the kids in your chair…you are so handsome.  Thank you for calling me so much while you were out of town.  And for saying “I love you” and “I miss you” even though I know other people could hear you.  Thank you for praying for me.  This June will be 6 years.  And I can’t imagine life without you.  I am a better person because God uses you to bring me closer to Him.  And let’s be honest, I keep you on your toes 🙂

Seattle 1/2:  Watch out.  Once I start running again…I am going to rock you.  And yes, you don’t need to keep reminding me that you are getting closer.

Design:  I will come back to you.  I will actually do some of my good ideas again…once I figure out this parenting thing. And why it takes so much time.


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