You are Beyond Big Enough

It happens again; I feel myself shrinking

Into myself

Trying to escape that overwhelming feeling

Yet, it lingers before following

No matter what I do, it finds me

Like a parent playing hide and seek with a young child

Closing my eyes does not make this child invisible

Squeezing my eyes to achieve darkness does not erase daylight


Just as I feel like no one will find me

YOU gather me up

I experience new strength

As you speak life over me

Your truth expands me out of shrinking

You are beyond big enough for me


You have watched my running, my tossings

You know the deeds behind my tears

My tears that pour forth until there is no more

The desert dryness that cracks my heart in misunderstanding

My foes that outnumber the rewards they search for


My acute awareness of my own small being

I cannot slay the giants

I have no great power to free the innocent

I do not bring the guilty to justice

Nor can I be a savior to the destitute

My eyes look upon the injustices with fear

Uncertain if truth will ever be upon this earth


None of this surprises you

It reaches your ears

but does not make you quiver

or cause you to release your throne

You are God and You do as You please

You are beyond big enough


You will question those confident in their answers

Bring to their knees those with earthly knowledge

They have no understanding

In the courts of the Most High

Their voices will sound ignorant in front of You

Justification will come to you empty

And You will sentance their eternity

Those who lean on human security


You are beyond big enough

You who hung the heavens

and decided the days of a man

All authority is Yours

Jealous is your heart for the affections of Your created

No one stands before You without Your permission

No one is your equal


Yet, in Your power

Your heart is kind

Holy are Your deeds

Your righteousness and compassions are unending

God of the universe

You know where I am

I entrust myself to You

For You are beyond big enough


Save me, O God

Do no forsake those who call Your name

Open my eyes

Remind me that You know

You know the happenings of Your children

Nothing goes unnoticed by the King

You are beyond big enough


The day will come

Everyone will know

of Your greatness

No longer will man question

or believe in their own ways

You will bring the self righteous to their own

and rescue Your children


The miracle will be unseen until Your perfect moment

You do not delay

Come quickly

May You not tarry

Our hope is in you

Give us the strength to wait in perfect obedience

You, O God, are beyond big enough


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