I found this idea from Emily over at Jones Design Company and I decided it would serve very well for me.  It’s a creative and quick way to update!  Love the combination…

Here we go!

loving: My new kitchen nook curtains.  My dear friend Angela sewed them for me and I now feel like I have my own cafe!  So fun.  The curtains coordinate perfectly with my coffee cart (made from an old, metal, projector cart).  It used to be long panels on that window, like the rest of the room.  The length of the curtains collected food like ants to sugar left out had a beautiful relationship with my children.  It was NOT working! Ha.

reading: “Lies Women Believe,” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  A group of us women are working through it together.  I’m loving the challenge and I’m feeling God move in my life as He sifts away some chaff.  I find myself reading some parts over again and learning more each time.  Worth your time.  Worth opening up, allowing God to search your heart, and drawing closer to Him.  If you can find some sisters to go with you on the journey, it’s even richer!

waiting for: some of my deepest heart prayers to be answered.  When God tells us to wait, He also promises that those who hope in Him will not be put to shame.  That does not mean we always get our way.  But that does mean, if we recognize where He is at work, He will transform us to really want His way.  Our desires will be molded.  The desires of our heart become His delight because we are in unity with Him.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be where God is.  I want to be in the very center of His will.  It’s not always comfortable, but it’s always comforting.  His nearness is my delight.

excited about: FALL!  I know…we’re just starting to get the warmth of summer sun.  But, I’m excited for transition and routine.  Call me crazy, but I think both my kids and I function better with consistency! I am excited for new tennis shoes and sharpened pencils and preschool schedules!  I’m excited to see what my kids will learn and what the new season brings.  I am excited to put some creases in new books and see the leaves change.  There is a great part of me that is hoping the season of waiting will come to a close and we will have a fresh start.  Great is Thy faithfulness, LORD, unto me.

missing: family.  I love where we live.  Love the family of God we are surrounded with, the community we share in…but I want some good, solid TIME with my immediate family.  I want to sit and be.  I want to do nothing and accomplish everything.  I want to hear my kids giggle with those who love them the very most.  All at the same time with the people I love most.  I want to feel my Daddy’s hugs and hold my Momma’s hand.  I want to sing at church together and sit at our dining room table for the whole dinner.  I want togetherness.  I want them.

trying to: drink more water. To stop “pinning” work out plans and actually do them.

working on: getting my WHOLE house clean at the SAME TIME!

enjoying: the stages my kids are at. Truly laughing at what they say and truly loving who they are becoming and truly learning from what they teach me.

using: internet. way. too. much!  Right after this blog post, I’m getting off.

wearing: ballet flats. every day.  Thinking I should pay a little more than Payless Shoes, so my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day.

planning: home school curriculum and house design.  too many folded papers and sticky notes. The dear hubby doesn’t always enjoy this.  I relax by making more lists and dreaming up crazy schemes. He does not.

singing: Kari Jobe on Pandora.  It plays her songs and those like it…love singing along to worship music while I go through my tasks.

needing: a more eternal perspective.  Sometimes, too often, it’s so easy to get caught up in this whirlwind that is not our home.  Too easy to focus on stuff that won’t matter even in a few days, let alone, in an eternity.

learning: to take a deep breath and not raise my voice.  A loud voice only raises the tension level.  It does not make anyone, especially my kids, obey faster.  A quiet voice with careful words that belongs to a person who is filled with God…so much more effective! SO often, I just need to close my mouth!

listening: to my husband. There is a reason God made him the head of our household.  He loves God and he is so wise.  I do well when I take his advice.

wishing: I could go on a tropical vacation and look good in a bikini. Ha.  So shallow but it’s a wish right?!

doing: lots and lots of laundry and packing to get ready for camping.

praying for: those who are hurting.  so many marriages crumbling. so many lives being shattered by the consequences of sin.  so many people going through HARD stuff.

dreaming of: a home filled with no tantrums.  and where laundry folds itself.

That’s where my heart is.


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