Mother 2 Mother: Expectations that are Elevating or Excrutiating

Throughout the Bible we are invited to become spectators in history.  To witness people’s lives from birth through death, generation to generation.  All while reading their moments of glory and their monumental failures.  With every gut wrenching, sticky detail in between… But somehow, when it comes to each other, all grace goes out the window with the old bath water.  We judge ourselves and the mamma next to us with these mental expectations no one can daily achieve while keeping their sanity.  We are not learning any longer. We say we have arrived and anyone who differs is “just jealous,” lest they see through our pretense…daring to topple our self-created house of insecurity. We wonder in alarm why there are young girls who struggle with insecurities, eating disorders, abuse, or competition.  When, really, they are just manifesting the judgments and uncertainties all of us mammas are desperately trying to hide from each other…and more importantly, from GOD. All the while, we pray our masks of fulfillment and achievement stay in place without slipping. After seeing this truth in so many mammas, evangelical believers and otherwise, I would like to say NO MORE!  The prince of this world (Satan) is inviting us to a banquet of self-destruction and we are climbing all over each other to see who can dress in lies the fastest. What would happen if we applied grace to our situations instead?!  No longer just throwing the idea around, but really applying it.  Really loving the mamma next to us, regardless of her birth plan or how she diapers  or whether she works outside of the home…the mamma who is desperately trying to make it.  The one, who if we looked in the mirror, might just look exactly like us! What then?! God would be invited to transform.  To renew.  To really infuse us with the strength to accomplish all things through Himself.  Which, I truly believe He’s been offering all along. Colossians 1:17 (amplified) says “And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together).”  Hallelujah!  We were never designed to do it ourselves.  In fact, we are fighting against our job when we try.  Our failure is, in fact, only as deep as our need to admit we cannot do God’s job. We are free!! Yes, the days are busy.  Yes, the roles are plentiful.  But, you know what?  That is okay.  The ashes we have been packaging as fine treasures, trying to offer up with bandaged hands, can finally be exchanged for crowns of beauty. Small steps of intentional obedience are far more beautiful, in God’s sight, than lavish deeds that are only performed to achieve status amongst our fellow mammas. Instead of judging the tired mamma beside us, let’s pray grace over her…and then give her a big hug. Blessings on you as we walk alongside one another.


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