Don’t Eat Chips For Breakfast…and a few other day-altering tips!

Confession time…I have terrible eating habits.  This may surprise a small number of you, but most of you are probably laughing out loud right now because I just admitted it!  I love the idea of healthy food.  I’m even quite careful about what my kids eat.  However, when it comes to my diet, I have been known to eat chips for breakfast or even cookies.  If I could live on coffee, chips, and ice cream…I probably would try!  There might have been a few days in college.

As I get older, I am learning how it affects me.  In more than just my pant size.  The way I eat during the day can cause a reaction for how the rest of my day will go.  It changes everything from my attitude to how much I accomplish.  And no this is not a delayed new year’s resolution post!  For you, this may not even be about food.  For me, being responsible in my choices means that I eat healthy.  For you, it could be an entirely different choice.

Rarely does one isolated event, choice, or thought alter your life.  However, each event, choice, or thought combined with previous ones will serve to set course for your whole day.  Life.  Legacy.

As funny as it seems when we’re talking about chips, it becomes much more important when you’re talking about spiritual matters.  And what I realized was, that for me, even whether or not to eat something like chips (on a way-too regular basis) was a choice that I had to make for God.  Because when I eat healthy meals, I’m much more motivated to continue making right choices, like disciplining myself to read my Bible or finishing the pile of laundry!

When God is trying to get our attention about an area of neglect or sin in our life, Satan will try to make it seem trivial or even humorous so that we overlook it.  Therefore missing God’s forgiveness and redemption.  

An intentional lifestyle takes focus.  It takes a person who is willing to see every choice as important; looking well to the ways of their household (Proverbs 31:27).  Responsible choices, that come out of a heart determined to be intentional, reap long-lasting benefits.

My son just finished a two-week course of antibiotics.  He was supposed to have 1.5 teaspoons of medicine 3 times a day.  I’m sure you are well aware of how tiny 1.5 teaspoons is.  One dose by itself or even several sporadic doses would have done nothing is healing his ear infection.  It was the combination of each individual dose that served to do the medication’s job.  It’s the same with our choices.

In the book of Daniel, there are several descriptions of Daniel.  In chapter 1, he was described as being skillful in all wisdom, competent, resolved in his obedience, etc.  In chapter 6, it tells of him getting down on his knees 3 times a day to pray (vs 10).  It was a pattern of intentional, wise choices for him.  He fashioned his important schedule around his wise choice to make time for God.

Daniel repeated wise choices long enough that they became his habit.  Then, when life was busy or uncertain, he was accustomed to making choices for God.  He did not have to recover from an unhealthy reaction.

Do not allow unhealthy reactions railroad your intentions of making wise, Godly choices.  King David writes in Psalm 139:23, “Search me, O God, and know my heart!  Try me and know my thoughts!”

3 Ways to Form a “Godly Choice Making” Habit

1.  Set aside time each day to spend with God.  Wait before Him.  Allow Him to show you areas in your day that you should be releasing to His control.

2.  Seek Godly accountability.  Make a choice to share with someone who will pray regularly for you.

3.  Stay away from influences and locations that make it difficult for you to obey!

One choice at a time…


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