Open Our Eyes

If I were to name a consistent struggle throughout my life, one that I’m continually giving back to the Lord, it would most likely be that of worry and fear.  I’m always having to keep my brain in check so that I am not dwelling on worst case scenarios and making myself sick.  By nature, I’m very structured and I love planning…and we all know that life rarely goes as planned!  For my personality, there’s always ample opportunities to choose from!  When it has just begun to snow, my mind has already built that snowman.

As I’ve continued to grow in my relationship with the Lord, I have learned to pray different Bible verses when my fear begins to mount.  There are many passages that have become sources of great encouragement; I have dates written in several of the margins, so I can remember how God has so lovingly restored me each time.

When I started going through the Names of God book by Sally Michaels with my children for our homeschooling curriculum, God impressed upon me a new passage that I had not studied yet!  I love how God does that!  No matter how many times we may read through His Word, He is always ready to show us more encouragement and truth as we draw near to Him.

Now there is a servant of the prophet Elisha, in 2 Kings chapter 6, that I can really relate to!  Backing up a few verses, we learn that a Syrian King is not pleased with the prophet.  Some servants tattled on Elisha and now the King has devised a plan for his demise.  “He sent there horses and chariots and a great army, and they came by night and surrounded the city” (vs 14).

Darkness is the evil one’s comfort zone.  His very nature is dark and he often plans his attack in the dark knowing we are in a vulnerable place.  Still we do not fear, because even darkness is not dark to God. 

The army sets up, while they know no one is prepared.  Continuing in verse 15, we read that the servant rose early in the morning and found the army’s presence.  He goes to Elisha and says, “Alas, my master!  What shall we do?” When I see these words, I reflect on many of my prayers with God.  It is a normal human response to crisis.  We find someone in authority and ask what to do!  When panic sets in, we want so badly to know that someone knows what is going to happen!

Elisha said, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (vs. 16).  The prophet meets his servant where he is and draws him gently into truth.  He recognizes the fear but puts them to rest with truth that only steady faith in God’s power can bring.

When fear comes, we must start declaring truth from God’s character.  Fear is from the evil one, so only God has the power to make it flee.   

Elisha knew his servant was weak.  He knew that in order to believe, the servant would need a faith booster.  So, the prophet prays for the Lord to open the servant’s eyes.  “So the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” (vs. 17).  The Lord performs an amazing miracle by opening human eyes to see his heavenly armies.

When we give our fear to the Lord, He frees us and equips us. 

When I allow fear to consume me, I am paralyzed.  I accomplish nothing.  However, when I give my fear to the Lord, He frees me and equips me to do His work.  He opens my eyes.  He meets me where I am, broken by my humanness and leads me in the way of His truth.

Has the evil one tried to trap you in darkness?  Begin by declaring the truth from God’s character and watch.  He will give you the strength to truly see.


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