Claiming the Car

I am blessed to live in the country.  There are a ton of perks!  Like lots of space for the kids to run around and for our garden.  No loud neighbors right next to us or ones that are annoyed by our loudness, more likely.  Beautiful views.  We’re very thankful.

On the flipside, country living has a few downsides.  Mainly, the commute.  It is twenty to forty minutes in the car to get to most of our activities.  So, I spend a great percentage of my time driving.  We have 4 people in our family and our car is a small sedan.  Most times, it works great.  Obviously the gas mileage is the main incentive for driving a car like this.  It really does work.  But sometimes it is so tempting to believe all our problems would be solved if we just had a bigger car.  The kids would not be right next to each other.  They wouldn’t be able to reach each other.  I wouldn’t have their stuff by my feet…you get the point!  There are often times where I feel like the longer we drive, the smaller our small car becomes.

Do you have a space like that?  Is there a location in your life, that no matter what you do or how creative you try to be, there just seems to always be problems when you’re there?

Then, I realized something…

Whenever God was leading the people of Israel to posses a land, in the Old Testament, He would give the land into their hands.  They still had to obey and go through the battle steps, but He had already given them the victory because they were obedient to trust Him.

When we trust God with an area of our life, or a literal space, He has already given us the victory of living righteously for Him.  We have to take the steps of obedience through our “battle”, but He is in the area or space and He will help us to succeed. 

As I prayed about our family time in the car, it became increasingly obvious to me that the evil one was attacking us!  A bigger car was not going to save us.  We had to begin taking steps of obedience to give God the victory of a space that already belonged to Him.  Because we love God, and He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, my car was being indwelled by the Almighty!  I just had to take steps of obedience.  Sure, we prayed for protection as we drove…sometimes.  But, honestly, I had never thought to pray over our behavior in the car before we would leave to go somewhere.  A prayer to recognize that not only was God with us, He was indeed welcome into our space.

In Deuteronomy, chapter 9, God makes it very clear that He did not lead the people to possess any land because of their own righteousness.  It was nothing exceptional that the people did on their own.  “But because of the wickedness of these nations that the Lord is driving them out before you” (vs. 4).

Likewise, it is not because I am a righteous mom that my car rides go smoothly now.  The evil one is the one who attacks us, therefore, God will drive him out because of His unrepentant wickedness.  I have the victory, only because I am presented before God in the righteousness of Jesus.

Praying over and claiming a space for God, does not make every burden or frustration disappear.  It lays the foundation because you acknowledge your desperate need.  Then, you take the steps to obey.  Moment by moment.  Put your armor of God on, because you’re in battle!

Do you trust Him with your space?  He will drive out the evil one and help you succeed.  For His glory.


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