Brave Enough To Reach

We live in an area with a Coast Guard station and have the privilege of hearing about quite a few incredible rescues.  If you were to ask anyone who has been rescued, what events led up to their being saved, they would most likely acknowledge that at some point they had to reach out for help.  Whether it was reaching for a person or a device, once help arrived, they had to receive it.

In a fire, someone has to answer the firefighters or take steps towards them.  On a cliff, someone usually has to let go of something to reach for help.  In the water, they have to reach or swim to the flotation device.  I’ve heard many responders say that if a person is calm and follows direction, it increases their chances of being rescued substantially.  I don’t imagine their attempts would be very well received, if a person did not want help.

After twelve years, she had tried everything.  There were no doctors to help.  She was isolated from everything, so much of her life snatched from her.  Weariness was tempting her to believe that it would never change; she should not waste her time on one more attempt.

But our faith can be strengthened by the account because she was brave enough to reach

This woman fought her doubts and disappointments.  She fought against society’s rules that did not allow the unclean to participate.  She fought through the crowds surrounding Him.

If your faith in God is nurtured to grow, it will produce brave actions of belief.

Nothing took place that day actually began that day.  If she had not become desperate because of the longevity of her bleeding, she would not have truly understood her need.  If she had not heard of Jesus, of His miracles, she would not have had the opportunity to believe.  When our faith in God is nurtured to grow, it will produce brave actions of belief.  Our faith will change the choices we make.

Without even seeing her, Jesus knew her.  He experienced her need right alongside her as His power left His body.  He was surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  But rather than being distracted and unaware, He pursued her in order that she might be completely redeemed.  Acknowledged.  Declared important.  Brought near and sent out in peace.  For the first time in years.

Regardless of how many people have been or ever will be in this world, you have been individually brought near by the Savior.  He has declared you important.  Your identity has been rescued.

When Jesus spoke with this woman, He rescued her identity.  She was once a shamed outcast and she was now a named daughter.  Bravery to reach changes a person, by His power, from shamed to named.  Trembling steps are transformed to commissioned steps of peace.  This woman’s healing gives her the bravery to declare what she has been healed from.  Her distance has ended and she is prepared for the braveness required for declaration.  This woman wants others to know.

A healed heart becomes a brave heart prepared for declarations of God’s glory.

This brief interaction between Jesus and the woman healed her physically and spiritually.  Her soul and body have been cleansed.  When a person is brave enough to reach out to Jesus, they are transformed.  While this miracle found in Luke 8, was for this precious woman only named in eternity, we can be confident that miracles are still happening every day.  When you are brave enough to reach, Jesus has promised to work in your life.

He who has started the work in you will be faithful (Philippians 1:6).  Be brave.


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