To See Beyond

So, one of the really fun things about this blog is the space it allows to record.  I have this glass house, so to speak, that allows you a glimpse into my life.  My heart.  My struggles.  My times of just plain excitement to see how God is at work.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to work through the messy.  The moments.  The real life that leads us to the real God.  He’s at work everywhere…we just need to recognize it and praise Him!  And you know what?  The more you do that, the more you will see.  Praise will flow.

On Tuesday of this past week, my son was reading books with me on the couch.  After a while, I told him to walk over to the bench and get his reader.  As he stood up and was walking, he told me “Mom, everything is fuzzy.”  I actually laughed and told him to get his book.  To stop being silly.  He told me, as he was literally standing over it, that he could not find it.  It was late afternoon and I was tired.  I told him to stop.  I told him to get his book and to just obey.  He walked up and down the bench, continuing to tell me that he could not see the book.  That everything was fuzzy.

I realized he was serious.  My little boy with a wild personality and perfect vision was calmly telling me that he could not see the book right in front of him.  I started to panic and then tried to at least pretend to be calm.  I told the kids to put their shoes on and Sophie helped AJ while I called our doctor.  I kept watching him, not sure if something was happening with just his eyes or if it was also affecting his brain.  Being 30 minutes from the doctor, I started driving there while the office was still trying to work out the details.

His eyes remained fuzzy and I prayed aloud the entire way there.  Honestly, not even sure what to pray.  I asked for complete healing and for whatever was going on to be completely stopped.  About 5 minutes before we got there, he said everything was dark.  I’m so glad we were almost there, because that about did me in.

I have learned that for all that God allows, He is restraining that much more in the heavenly realms.  He is working things out in ways that are absolutely above our ability to imagine.

We got to see the doctor right away and she checked everything.  His vision was returning and he said things were looking normal again.  She looked at all his eye muscles and specifically his retinas, to make sure they had not detached.  Apparently, if you rub your eyes too hard, it can take your vision away for up to an hour even.  They suspect he had been rubbing his eyes when we were reading and then had quickly stood up; his eyes could not track that quickly and his vision had become fuzzy.  The total time was about 45 minutes for my son.

Driving home, I was praising God, fully aware our afternoon could have gone completely different.  I know that God is who restored his vision.  I do not know if anything was wrong with him beyond rubbing his eyes too hard.  Even that could have turned into something worse.  But, I do believe God was at work in ways that are absolutely above my ability to imagine and He healed him.

By a human perspective, the process of restoration can often be painful, filled with moments of great uncertainty.  We are not able to see what God is looking at and working out. 

On a regular Tuesday afternoon in April, God restored.  We were given an opportunity to see beyond.


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