Hope is Built

The text came while we were in the middle of our math lesson.  It was from a dear friend and I read the message several times before writing back.  How do you respond, in the limited abilities of texting, to an answer to prayer that was almost 2 years in the making?  Without realizing it, my friend was throwing my faith a lifeline.  We had waited and prayed and cried together countless times.  And when she needed it the most.  When it would glorify God the most.  Bless others the most.  He answered.  He breathed a miracle.  He did something only He could do.

Hope is built…

Just a few days prior, I had taken myself to Bible study on a morning that I had really just wanted to sleep in.  I was exhausted physically and emotionally.  I hadn’t read the assigned chapters and honestly, I had nothing to offer.  Our study is on prayer and that was where I felt that I was completely failing.  So I sat.  I was quiet.  I listened.  God saw exactly where I was and He was there too.  He bore my frustrations.  My hurt.  My anger.  My defeat.  He bore them and He conquered them long ago when Jesus died on the cross.  By His stripes I have been healed.

Hope is built…

When one day is hard and it seems like nothing is going the way it is supposed to, God is there.  He is as much present in the hard days as He is in the days that seem amazing.  Sometimes our strongest prayers are born out of our weakest moments.  In the times of desperation when we realize that nothing comes from our hand.  God will never share His glory, but He does lovingly invite us to participate in His work.

Hope is built…

In both of these circumstances, I had simply prayed.  Simply asking to see His hand.  His power.  His deliverance.  The hope that followed was the gift of God’s presence, knowing I had laid my requests in the hands of a capable and loving God.  As He gave the requests back in answering, He did it in His way.  His timing.  His plan.

The hope that I have is from God.  It is in direct proportion to my choice to trust Him.  While He is always working, my eyes are opened to see when I trust.  When I see what He is doing in me and around me, hope flows.

His plan and the way He answers does not always look the way I imagined.  Often, especially at first, it looks like the complete opposite!  But that is where my hope is in direct proportion to my choice to trust Him.  While I may not always understand the details or the process, I can trust His hand.  I can trust His character.  I can trust His power.  Even my hope is His gift to me.

Hope is built…

As my family plants our garden this spring and sees the trees begin to bloom, I can imagine a seed or bare tree complaining that nothing was happening.  They are unaware of the outside.  Of the water they are being given or the sunshine above them.  Sure, they feel and our nourished by the water and the affects of the light.  But they do not know what goes on outside.  Growing is painful and the dirt is dark.  The waiting is long.  Then, one day, He is ready to reveal His masterpieces.  They sprout and bloom.  They burst forth with life.  The details they were missing join together with the small glimpses they had received.  They can now understand what their Creator was working on from the very beginning.

Hope is built…

The prophet Jeremiah reminds us, in Lamentations 3, that even when difficult times come we can have hope.  We call it to mind; God’s truth gives us hope.  “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, therefore I will hope in Him” (vs. 22-24).

The Lord is our portion.  Therefore, we will hope.

Hope is built…


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