The Breakfast Blessing

It started with a smoothie and ended with tears and apologies.  Who knew frozen fruit could lead you towards repentance?!

With mornings always being a little hectic in our home, we are bound to already be learning lessons by breakfast time.  Before kids I was a morning person.  But now that I’m learning to appreciate sleep, I have two children who remind me how early I used to wake my parents up!  Apparently, I wasted my “sleeping in years.”  As an act of obedience to the Lord, I’ve been setting my alarm even earlier so I can have time to exercise and read my Bible before children are up.  Sometimes, it is so hard but I have seen what a difference it makes!  I am far more ready for the day when I have my “armor” on at the very beginning.

My son, especially, loves to help.  He will pull up his step-stool to the counter and excitedly wait for his assignment.  There may be a very cute puppy-dog apron involved.  Smoothies are his favorite because there is not really a required order to the ingredients.  I work at giving him a little more freedom to try when there wouldn’t be any ruining damage to the end result.  As he helps, he most often has a running commentary on all that he is doing and thinking.  There are so many questions that often go unanswered.  I just can’t always keep up!  Especially in the morning.

After way too much input and a fickle blender, I became short.  I dismissed my helper too quickly and had, what we call in our home, a sharp tongue.  What was supposed to be a fun time together ended quickly upon my cranky words.  Frustrated, I finished up and put breakfast on the table.  I knew in my heart that I had been wrong.  I had forfeited an opportunity to do good to those around me, to teach in the mundane.

But thankfully, my heart was convicted and God’s graciousness didn’t allow me to miss out on the blessing of breakfast altogether.  I may have missed an opportunity but the whole experience was not lost.  I had to humble myself in front of my family and tell them I was sorry.  I had to seek forgiveness for the hurt that I caused.

God can turn a missed opportunity into a new blessing when a heart is repentant. 

God had a blessing in store for me and my family, but I needed to repent.  If we are humble towards the ones we have hurt, God can do a mighty work in their heart.  God’s ultimate goal is repentance and reconciliation.  He is all about healing relationships.  His blessing can form from the most broken of situations.

In Proverbs, Solomon reminds us that a godly woman “opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue” (31:26).  Humble repentance before God replaces sharp tongues with teachings of kindness.  God is the only one who can provide wisdom when we open our mouth.  When we are sensitive to His Spirit’s promptings, our mundane moments will be marked by blessings.  We will think and act based on the knowledge and insight we have received from God and His Word.

Humble repentance before God replaces sharp tongues with teachings of kindness.

Even in the act of apologizing, we can give someone a blessing of kindness.  We acknowledge that their feelings are of utmost importance to us; they are worthy of our time, communication, and feelings.  Our relationship with them is far greater than our own feelings of shame or embarrassment over what we have done.  Repentance towards one another opens the door for God to move.  When we forgive and are forgiven, God allows us to see a glimpse of His eternal design.  Relational distance was never the goal.  God always moves towards oneness.

Blessings that come forth out of repentance can truly nourish the soul.   


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